Bar & Beverages

Each Seattle Bride facility is licensed to serve beer, wine, champagne and a full range of non-alcoholic refreshments. All alcohol service must be arranged through Seattle Bride and served by our staff. You may not bring your own alcohol or beverages directly to your event.

For hosted service, we have fine wines available starting at $19/bottle and beers beginning at only $2.95/bottle (sold in cases of 24 bottles). We also offer no-host bar service, at which guests pay for themselves on a per-glass basis. Bar service includes servers, glass rentals, permits, napkins, ice, and incidentals. Please call us for current menu items and prices.

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Seattle Bride offers a variety of non-alcoholic drinks for $1.50 per bottle. Selections available include but are not limited to:

– Coke Products

– Sparkling Water

– Bottled Water

These may be added to any bar order or ordered separately without a bar order. You may also purchase non-alcoholic beverages from your caterer.

Please call our office for current pricing on non-bottled beverage service like coffee, tea, punch, lemonade, etc.

***Please call our office to get a copy of our current bar guide/menu***