Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance can I book my event?

At Robinswood House guests may reserve on the first of the month, 18 months ahead of the chosen date. Bellevue residents may reserve the Robinswood House 19 months in advance. 

How much of a deposit do I have to put down?

For an event taking place in the high season the deposit is $750 for each rental period (all-day Saturday or Sunday deposit is $1500). For the off-season it is $500 ($1000 for all-day rental). Your initial deposits are non-refundable and are directly applied toward the rental fee. We also collect a fully refundable (provided there are no damages or extra charges incurred) security deposit of $350 with the final payment.

When is my final payment due?

Both the final payment and refundable security deposit are due 90 days prior to the event date.

What if I have to change my date?

There is a $300 charge to change the date. Any deposits and payments will be transferred to the new booking. The rebooked event must occur within one calendar year of the original date booked and the new date must be selected within 60 days of the cancellation date.

What if I have to cancel my event?

If an event is cancelled for any reason 90 days or more before the event date the result is a forfeiture of all non-refundable deposits, and only 50% of the remainder of the balance may be due (if the same date/time of the canceled event is rebooked, no additional fees are collected). If the event is canceled within 89 days of the event date then 100% of the remaining balance will still be due. If the security deposit has already been paid it will be returned in full.

Does it cost extra to have my ceremony at your venue?

No, our rental costs are for the facility itself so guests may use it for a ceremony, reception, or both.

What do we do about a rehearsal?

Guests are allowed a one hour rehearsal period for their ceremony at no additional cost. Rehearsals at Robinswood House are generally offered Thursdays, 1pm-4pm, and Fridays, 9am-11am. We reserve the right to reschedule rehearsals if a booking should occur in these time slots.

Will there be staff from Seattle Bride at my event?

Yes, we always have Seattle Bride staff on site. Costs for staff members are included in the rental fee.

What if it rains?

Let’s face it; no one gets married at Robinswood House because they want to be under a tent. However, in Seattle it is always necessary to have a Plan B.

If there is rain or other inclement weather in the forecast Seattle Bride contacts all possibly affected parties to get a rain/tent plan in place. Our guests have until noon on the Wednesday before their event to decide if they would like to rent a tent directly from Seattle Bride. If multiple consecutive rental groups over an affected weekend all decide to have the tent in place then there is a discount offered to those parties. Once the tent plan is in place for a given weekend changes to the plan are not always possible.

Seattle Bride offers several tent sizes – 20′ x 40′ or 30′ x 40′ for the North patio and 15′ x 45′ for the South patio. The 20′ x 40′ tent is suitable for a MAXIMUM of 120 seated guests for a ceremony and a MAXIMUM of 100 for dining at round tables, the 30′ x 40′ tent is suitable for a MAXIMUM of 160 seated guests for a ceremony and a MAXIMUM of 150 for dining at round tables – note that the maximum seating under the tent is quite crowded and does not always allow for table service from your caterer or Seattle Bride staff. The 15′ x 45′ is suitable for a MAXIMUM of 150 standing guests, which is generally plenty of room for your DJ and dancing. Tents are not allowed in the sunken garden area at the Robinswood House.

What time can I start setting up for my event?

The rental time period includes all of your personal setup and takedown (all Seattle Bride setup will be completed by the start of your rental time). Therefore, if a rental period is 6pm – 12am, then guests and vendors may not come on-site and begin set-up until 6pm. On the other end, the event must be cleaned up and out by 12am.

Please inquire about renting extra hours if available. If renters, guests, or vendors do come on site before the arranged starting time a fee of $75 per quarter hour will be assessed.

Can I add extra hours to my rental time?

Additional hours may be added prior to the beginning of a day rental and at the end of an evening rental at any time, provided there are no other events during that time period. For weekend rentals, the hours between 4pm and 6pm are not available unless the all-say/evening rental period is secured.

Thirty days before the date of your event, if the opposite time period has not booked, we will open the hours from 4pm-6pm. Any additional rental time beyond 2 hours will necessitate a full time rental.

What time can I have my rental equipment delivered and picked up?

All rental equipment must be delivered and picked up within the contracted rental period.

Who does the setup and take down at my event?

All weekend rentals include complimentary setup and tear down for your event. Setup includes: Setup of white event chairs for your ceremony, setup of round or rectangular dining tables, and transition of chairs from ceremony to reception (or double set of chairs at Seattle Bride discretion). Also includes setup of additional tables of your choice (bistro tables, gift tables, food tables, etc.).

Setup will be completed before your rental time and all equipment will be taken down and put away at the conclusion of your event allowing you to maximize your rental time.

Peak season rentals (April 16-October 15) include all-inclusive setup and take down for up to 150 guests; off season rentals (October 16-April 15) include all-inclusive setup and take down for up to 60 guests. For larger events, up to a maximum of 200 guests will be billed at an additional $6 per guest.

Can I have candles at my event?

Yes, candles are permitted at Seattle Bride events as long as they have something to contain the wax. Tapered candles are not allowed. Please be careful to keep all candles out of the reach of small children. Spilled wax clean up is subject to a cleaning fee. 

Can I use rose petals?

Flower petals are allowed, however, they are considered part of your decorations and they must be completely removed from the premises at the end of the event. If they are found on the floor or on our grounds after your event a clean up fee will be assessed. We strongly encourage the use of silk or freeze dried flower petals for this purpose as they are less likely to stain the floors. Please call the office for more details on rose petals as we know of many other viable options.

What about tossing bird seed? Confetti? Sparklers?

We do not allow bird seed (or other similar items) to be thrown as a bridal send off. Similarly, confetti is not allowed. If these items are found on the floor or on our grounds after your event a clean up fee will be assessed. Sparklers and other fireworks are illegal within the Bellevue city limits and are prohibited by Seattle Bride.

Can we have our dog in the ceremony?

Pets are welcome to be in the wedding party at Seattle Bride facilities as long as they remain on a leash and the owner properly clean up after them. No pets (other than certified service dogs or miniature horses) are allowed in any interior spaces per RCW 49.60.218. 

Can I bring in my own caterer?

We have a list of six exclusive caterers for our guests to choose from. They offer a wide array of personality, presentation, and price. If you wish to go off-list for your caterer your chosen caterer must be licensed and insured and the event must be staffed (with servers to monitor the buffet/food service, bus tables, and clean the catering areas, etc.). There is an additional $500 fee to bring in an outside caterer.

Does my wedding cake have to come from one of your caterers?

No, guests do not need to use one of our caterers for their dessert option. However, many of our caterers are very proficient at this and using their services is often a good money saving option. Any cake or other dessert must come from a commercially approved kitchen. If you wish to provide a cake or other desserts from a “home” kitchen, private event insurance is required.

Can I bring in my own alcohol?

All alcohol service must be arranged through Seattle Bride. Guests may not bring their own alcohol directly to an event. We offer a wide range of choices and would be happy to order your favorite beer, wine or champagne if it is available. Please see our Bar & Beverages section for more information.

How late can we have music outside?

All amplified sound must cease by 10:00 p.m. 

What time does my party have to end?

Events should conclude at least 45 minutes before the end of a given rental period so that there is adequate time for your clean up.

When can I come take a tour of Robinswood House?

We do all tours Monday – Friday during our business hours of 9am-4pm by appointment. We also have a monthly evening open house, you can see when our next one is scheduled here.